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Hill New World Custom Electronics

Hill New World Custom Electronics


2012 New World Player’s Series (China) 640 mm scale, 51 mm nut, strings are spaced 42 mm on centers between 1st and 6th, action at the 12th fret is 3.5 mm on the bass side and 3 mm on the treble side.  Spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and back, catalyzed urethane varnish around entire instrument.  These Chinese made New World models which are commissioned and distributed by Kenny Hill are superb quality, with very choice wood selection, great attention to detail and correct set up.  The sound is really impressive, with huge volume, sustain, clarity and crisp focus on each note.  Tone colors are right at hand, and the dynamic range is excellent, as is the playability.  The neck is fitted with a 2-way adjustable truss rod to allow setting the neck relief to individual player needs without refretting.  Outfitted with a Fishmann pre-amp and replaced undersaddle and condenser microphones, this amplifies and naturally as possible.  An excellent option for playing out in public when dealing with a less than salubrious venue.   You simply cannot find a better value in a new instrument than what these provide.

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