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2008 Gerhard Oldiges

2008 Gerhard Oldiges


2008 Gerhard Oldiges (Germany), 650mm scale 51 mm nut spaced 43 mm 1-6, spruce top, Brazilian rosewood sides and back, original French polish of shellac, Sloane/Waverly tuning machines.  Very strongly based on the post war Hauser Sr. models this guitar could pass as the sister to any of Hauser’s guitars of that era.  Even the fingerboard has the Hauser cross grain patch inset under the soundboard portion and the interior is as clean as the Hauser originals.  With such fidelity to the original model, the sound is also very Hauser-like, clear, colorful with those firm Hauser basses and singing trebles that characterize Hauser guitars.  Yet at the same time, it is a bit more Spanish and crisper than the usual Hauser model, and so while the visual emulation is nearly total, the musical presentation is distinctly original.  Action is normal, the volume is good and you can really exploit this guitar for the nuances of color.  This is an instrument that would fill any concert hall.

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