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Asturias Tsuji S-3

Asturias Tsuji S-3


Asturias “Tsuji” model (Japan), No. 41548. 650 mm scale, 52 mm nut, strings are spaced 41.5 mm on centers between 1st and 6th, action at the 12th fret is 4 mm on the bass and 2.5 mm on the treble side.  Spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and back, catalyzed urethane varnish on sides, back and neck, top is hand padded with clear french polish, machine heads are deluxe Gotoh with kidney shaped buttons.  The Asturias workshop in Kurume, Japan makes some of the finest instruments made by small production shops anywhere in the world.  Their workforce of trained luthiers is actually smaller than that of the old José Ramírez III shop, and they use less power equipment than many modern individual luthiers.  There is an excellent photo essay on their shop that was published in American Lutherie #15, Fall of 1988.  This is the signature “Tsuji” model named for William Tsuji who was one of their principal luthiers responsible for their top models.  All solid wood with marvelous attention to detail, this is a truly hand made instrument.  It has a Hauser like clarity and color range, with brilliant trebles and well balanced basses which are rounder and more open than the typical Hauser, with a hint of Spanish flavor.  The action is easy, with a very even response and incredible color and dynamic range.  Don’t let the price fool you, in a blindfold test this instrument would easily compete with instruments costing 3 times as much. 

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