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Asturias Model 60

Asturias Model 60


Asturias Model 60 (Japan) No. 10772. 650 mm scale, 51 mm nut, strings are spaced 42.5 mm on centers between 1st and 6th, Action at the 12th fret is 4mm on the bass and 3 mm on the treble side. Cedar top, Laminated Indian Rosewood sides and back, Catalyzed Urethane varnish. The Asturias workshop in Kurume, Japan makes some of the finest instruments made by small production shops anywhere in the world.  Their workforce of trained luthiers is actually smaller than that of the old José Ramírez III shop, and they use less power equipment than many modern individual luthiers.  There is an excellent photo essay on their shop that was published in American Lutherie #15, Fall of 1988. This is one of their mid level instruments that is completely hand made, with a great attention to detail. It has a great level of clarity as well as a bold and powerful sound that is usually heard on a much more expensive model. This instrument comes with a L. R. Baggs (www.lrbaggs.com) pickup already installed and is perfect for playing out when the situation calls! It is a great stepping stone instrument which will transition in to an instrument that will make you money!

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