M. E. Brune, Luthier
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The primary reason guitars leave circulation is the overabundance of poor repair.  M. E. Brune proudly works as a preservationist in the style of the original maker ensuring that every repair is done to or beyond the standard of the original maker.  M. E. Brune takes the least invasive, most effective steps to ensure that your instrument stays playable for a lifetime.  M. E. Brune only uses hot hide glue and French Polish for finish touchup.


Crack Repair

The most common damage done to guitars are cracks.  They have two ways of appearing. The first being through an impact such as a dropped guitar or something falling on it.  The second being from a lack of humidity.  A large change of humidity from the original will cause the instrument to be dry and place the wood under considerable stress.  While it may not always crack, each time it becomes overly dry, an extra stress is placed in the wood, until it finally appears.


Guitar Setup

Setup of an instrument is paramount to the playability.  The right setup can be the difference between enjoying the instrument, and fighting against the strings.  When determining what level of setup is required, know that there are several levels, beginning with finding the right strings to making the fingerboard conform to you hands with several steps in between.



If proper repair has been done through the life of the instrument, a large scale restoration is not always in order.  For most cases, an accumulation of hastily done, poor technique, and invasive repairs will necessitate a restoration.  While not every instrument will require this, it is generally done on older, high value instruments.  We strive to maintain originality in every single restoration and keep all work in the style of the original maker.